Post-midnight Snack and Blog

It is rather intimidating to start a blog. I directly imagine the generations to come, what I will leave to prosperity, what my family would think if they look through it… all the necessary obstacles that make me want to get back into bed and continue reading “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter” by Mario Vargas Llosa, my assigned book for the Latin American Literature course I am taking.

However, the little megalomaniac in me perseveres. I just finished watching “Julie and Julia” and realized that I absolutely have to start my own blog… I also realized that it will not be related to cooking.

I just finished eating my usual post-midnight snack, Cadbury – Dairy Milk (whole nut, of course) and 7up… quite a ritualistic habit I’ve developed and am most likely to keep – when I decided that there shall be a blog! I have watched too many movies, read too many books, listened to too many songs and written too little… it is indeed time for a blog.

The next step is obviously much harder. What will my blog be about? I am from Beirut, Lebanon, but will not be writing about politics… is it due to a complete and sincere utter lack of interest in and not to mention lack of knowledge about the subject matter? Yes. Is it because, as Lebanese people, we are taught that someday, somehow, the government has a way of finding out what you’ve said about it? Yes. 

Will it be about my struggle to get a BA in English Literature plus a teaching diploma from Haigazian, a tiny Armenian American university (mind you, I’m neither American nor Armenian)? Probably not.

Will I be doing a post-colonial reading of my own writing? How is it that a french educated Lebanese person decides to write in English? Let’s not go there.

Will I be talking about my daily taxi (which we here call “service”, and can have more than one occupant at a time, each going to a different destination) rides on the way to and back from university and suddenly decide to quote Mark Twain and declare that these are the best of times, these are the worst of times? Sadly, yes.

Will I admit that I believe that answers to most of life’s questions lie in Dr Seuss books (and sometimes in the complete series of “Sex and the City”)? Again… sadly, yes.

In any case… I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Until then…

Dramatically yours,

Dima M.


About dimamatta

There is not much to tell... but everything to discover. *says I with a total lack of seriousness* I am a 22 year old English Literature BA holder, teaching English in Lebanon, at the Louaizeh Evangelical School. I mainly spend my time reading, writing, watching and acting in plays. View all posts by dimamatta

10 responses to “Post-midnight Snack and Blog

  • Raffi Feghali

    I say great start! Definitely go with the “service” experiences! Much of what I have learned in my life was from them. I dare to say that I have learned from them much more than I have learned from your/our beloved tiny university!

    We’ll talk more 🙂

  • Dunia Kraiem

    Well thank God that I am Lebanese or I wouldn’t have understood anything you wrote. :p
    Nahh seriously talking I like it.
    Hope you keep writing.
    Looking forward to read what you’re gonna publish next. 🙂

    • Sergej Schellen

      Well I for one am not a Lebanese as you know well enough and I did in fact understand what Dima wrote!
      Anyway about what you will be writing about Dima.. Servicism is an interesting topic though I fear that there is only so much you can write about the matter. They are a very simple people.

  • Manuel (the guy Dima luvs to booty shake wit)

    ok…seriously though…
    I knew u could write but this is ridiculous.
    This reminds me why I enjoyed readin ur articles and poems in our Uni newspaper.
    CanNOT wait for more submissions in ur blog.
    Definitely a favorite.
    Much Love.

  • Lana

    As a Dr. Suess lover myself, I’m very excited about reading about what goes on in that dramatic mind of yours. Any Suesser is pretty big in my book!! If ever there were a time for you to start blogging, now would be it. With you leaving us soon to study abroad, and you WILL leave, blogg away and take us with you on your various trips. Take us with you backstage lamma yirinnouwon la hal jrass. Take us with you when you see the “chickmunk” kids, when you go through pre-post phases, during your second trip to DC, or even to Spain for your andare andare time (where you would have turned into a mouse with big, huuuge curls). Take me along always.

    • dimamatta

      My lovely compadriosa, thank you so much, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have started this and I definitely wouldn’t have been sane enough to be able to type! hehehe
      Huuuuuuge laughs for the mouse with big curls!!

  • Nayla - From MONTYYYY


    This blog will get u to me in montreal I can feel it 🙂

  • nabil

    great 😀 simply loved it. Your writing flows, and whatever it is you choose to tackle, am sure we will read it with joy (though it may not be beneficial mind you :P). Looking forward to reading your later blogs Dima 🙂
    p.s: as you may have noticed my comment is very positive, but keep you messing with relegion (God, creation,…),and we got us a debate going on :D:D

    • dimamatta

      Moi?! I never mess with religion! hehehe! I’m glad you like the blog and you’d be surprised at how beneficial my writing can be! 🙂
      One could always use a few more metaphors in life Nabil, we can never have enough.

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