Monthly Archives: September 2010

World War 2 in 4 words

My friend, Sergej Schellen, just came back from spending a month in Istanbul. One of the memorable and not to mention funny anecdotes he was telling me about is an encounter he had with a Turkish security man/”toucher” (Sergej insists on this word cause he patted him down) at the airport. My German friend was wearing a Polska (Poland) T-shirt, which after this incident, he decided to stop wearing while traveling. The security man looks at him with suspicious eyes: “Polska?!” To which Sergej replies: “Oh, no, I’m German”. Security man: “Where you from?” *Awkward silence* Sergej: “Umm, I’m German… from Germany”

The Security man’s final, yet very concise retort (with proper miming gestures) was: “Aaaah, Hitler… bang bang… Poland”


All the cool people drink it!

You drink wine. You choose the bottle, you get the fancy glass and you perfect the pouring technique and you drink wine. Sometimes, you’d honestly rather drink Pepsi with your pasta, but that is not what the cool people do! After all, life-altering things happen over a glass of wine or two. Writers have a glass on the desk while writing their latest poem or novel, artists have it by their side as they paint, ¬†which leads you to the certain conclusion that creativity and your intake of wine are correlated. So you swallow your childish wishes of having a good glass of Pepsi and you opt for the more elegant choice, weeping about the good old days of soda and chips and threatening the wine bottle to break its head off if you don’t end up with a good poem at the end.