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Heartbreaks just aren’t what they used to be

There are no Jane Austen moments anymore. There are no great scenes on the steps of a mansion, eyes following each other across the ballroom, love letters drenched in teardrops. Hearts are now broken over the phone, in a message on Facebook. We have even lost the right to a grand parting, a woeful farewell. Heartbreak has definitely lost its charm.

People now can no longer console themselves and say: “We are no longer together but our last moments were the stuff of 19th Century literature” (that later on gets adapted into a movie starring Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant). Jane Austen will not bother to write about our misfortunes of the heart. “It’s not bad, but not exactly Pride and Prejudice” she would say. I highly doubt that Mr. Darcy would think much of it.

So now, not only do we get our hearts broken, we also never get the satisfaction of it being worthy of fancy British settings.

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” That Emma took the words right out of my mouth. Our words are very quote-worthy nowadays. The it’s-not-you-it’s-me, mixed with the occasional I-can’t-do-this-anymore are sure to be anthologized in the near future.

I daresay I will try to stay out of love because having one’s heart broken is just not what it used to be anymore.

Jane Austen, what have you done to me!


Baking a Chocolate Cake without Parental Supervision

It’s 9:24am, I wake up and decide to bake a chocolate cake. Mind you, I was going to use the Betty Crocker ready mix. Still, baking was bound to take place.

Forgetting my mom’s advice on whether I should start by putting in the dry ingredients or the liquid ones, I mix it up, putting the water first, the mix second, the eggs third etc…

By the time I finished mixing… well, the mix, I realized that I forgot to grease the pan. After a little search that seemed endless, I realized that I did not have grease. What to do?! I know some people use alternatives, but I forgot what they were. Oil? Butter? A combination of both? HELP! I opt for oil, just because it’s easier to spread. I then skillfully pour the mix into the pan…

First Incident

Second Incident

Yes, skillfully.

Of course, I also forgot to pre-heat the oven. So I heat it (minus the “pre”, since the mix is already done).

Into the oven, and I wait. The mix looks rather liquid-y, but we’re not panicking… yet. (Timer: 8 minutes before I check in on the cake)

The Rather Liquid-y Mix: Pre-Oven Stage

30 minutes have passed: Still rather liquid-y. Panic, anyone?

46 minutes have passed. The prospects are improving: cake is no longer liquid-y, but still not quite done. I’m not sure what to blame: the “let’s mix up dry and liquid ingredients” or the “spreading oil in the pan sounds good enough”. In any case, I’d rather not point fingers at myself, so I wait.

55 minutes: HALLELUJAH! It’s done! I am not a perfectly incapable 22 year old! There is hope for humanity! Where there is a Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake mix, there’s a way!

Dima Matta: Proud Mother of Newly Baked Cake

Of course, this journey has not been without injury.

Chocolate Puncture Wounds

This is Dima Matta, reporting live-ish (had to run between the laptop and the kitchen quite a few times) from the chocolaty front.