End of the World: 21/05/11… or NOT!

My Friend- Talking about apocalyptic .. apparently tomorrow is the end of the world according to some prophet in America

Me – Hehehe I know, we talked about it at school today

My Friend- You did? I just heard about it but if I wouldn’t have hunted for it online I think I would have missed the whole warning. It wasn’t well circulated in Lebanon apparently.

Me – Nope, thank God, we don’t need statuses about it. Besides, it’s already tomorrow somewhere else in the world.

My Friend- Hey, we got 45 mins to go but I think they go by American time, which is like 7 hours back right?

Me- Depends where in the States, it can be up to 10 hours. So tomorrow, if I wake up dead, I’ll text you.

My Friend- Sure, but hope the lines won’t be out.


About dimamatta

There is not much to tell... but everything to discover. *says I with a total lack of seriousness* I am a 22 year old English Literature BA holder, teaching English in Lebanon, at the Louaizeh Evangelical School. I mainly spend my time reading, writing, watching and acting in plays. View all posts by dimamatta

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