Nolita, fashionistas, baristas and flower-shaped gelato

“Livin’ just enough for the city!”

That’s what I heard the guitarist sing in Washington Square park, with his felt hat on, standing in a circle of musicians, playing, singing, then stopping to talk to strangers, and picking up the singing again. An old man joined in at one point and sang something about Mississippi.

My friend said “That’s the difference between New York and Beirut, why don’t we have people who are laid back, singing in the park?”

I spent the day in New York, walking through Little Italy, Soho and Nolita, past waiters with Italian accents inviting people to their restaurants, because, how could someone with such a beautiful accent (and usually spoken by a beautiful man) serve bad food? It cannot be!

I came to New York to buy rain boots and a winter coat. I bought a hat, a scarf, heels, tennis shoes, slippers, socks and two vintage comic books. Yea… I do maintain a clear sense of my priorities at all times! In my defense, it was a winter hat.

And I ALMOST bought this for my niece, then thought that it would definitely not make my sister very happy, so I refrained.

With tired feet and full bladders, we took refuge in a restaurant called “Delicatessen”. As I was walking in, I saw pretty people. Women with gorgeous skin, beautiful hair and a great sense of fashion. Men with gorgeous skin, beautiful hair and a great sense of fashion *coughs*. Yes, they’re not displayed there for us to sample, I’m afraid they “cater” to the “restaurant” across the street.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, doing some more shopping and having one of the best ice cream experiences I’ve ever had! We went to this little place called “Amorino”, my friend told me I can pick the flavors I want and they give them a little “floral arrangement”.

And just to make my point clearer:

Needless to say, it tastes even better than it looks!

After our short-lived wild affair with ice cream, we went to the park where we enjoyed art, music and three guys making fools of themselves by trying to jump rope in the park’s fountain.

That was the art.

These are the idiots:

Note: I apologize for the bad quality of the photos, I only had my blackberry that day.

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