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10 Things I Miss about Lebanon… and Hummus

It’s 4am here in Newark, New Jersey, and I can’t sleep. Most of my blog posts are the fruit of my insomnia, so thought “why not another one!”

Lebanon, and missing Lebanon has been on my mind, at the tip of my tongue and pen (or rather, my laptop’s keyboard), so thought I’d make a list of the things that I miss about my country.

1) Just before leaving the house to go buy snacks from the mini-market around the corner, I’d open the door, look back and yell “mom, dad, badkon shiiiii?”

2) Making sure I charge my laptop’s battery before the scheduled electricity cut.

3) Sitting around a table after a meal, drinking Turkish coffee and talking with family and friends for a time that is usually longer than the time it took to consume the entire meal.

4) The old neighbor next door, who, upon finding out that I have a cold (common knowledge between neighbors), told me: “that’s what happens when you eat ice cream in October” The interesting part is, the reason why he knows this, is because he heard me saying (through closed doors) : “mom, dad, badkon shi, nezleh 2eshtreh bouza” a few days earlier.

5) Guests who always say “sar wa2et njawweza” whenever I come out of the kitchen with the coffee tray. The collective “we” is quite endearing, I suppose.

6) Boys selling flowers on the sidewalk, assuming that everyone is in love and should buy their roses. Maybe we should consider the wisdom behind this.

7) My mother’s crepes suzette and turning the lights off so we can appreciate the flames.

8 ) Mentioning random things during lunch or dinner, my father laughing and saying: “yi, khabbartkon shi 3an el marra etc…” We’d always say no, even if we’ve heard the story before, just so we can listen to the way he tells it again.

9) Teta blushing and giggling when a love scene comes on TV, sneaking looks around to check who else thinks this is as funny as she thinks it is.

10) Having ABC mall five minutes away from my house, walking over there whenever studying and/or grading got a bit too overwhelming, but more accurately, whenever I wanted to procrastinate. I would go over and visit Antoine bookstores for the 3rd time that week, buying Alice in Wonderland, and telling my friend over the phone that I needed it to get inspiration for my research paper (which was actually about The Importance of Gender Roles and their Subversion in the Literature of the Other, and the relation between Alice and my paper was just “curiouser and curiouser”).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a bit of Hummus before I call it a night, or a morning, or “Dima-needs-to-put-down-the-oreos”.