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Haiku High: Poetry over Fattoush and Sojok

There’s nothing like authentic Lebanese mezza, white wine and old Arabic music to make anyone a poet.

An Evening in a Photo

An Evening in Haikus*:


We went out tonight

Smoked cigars and drank some wine

Heels clicked in the street


Secret spies loomed near

Oum Kulthum and Bizr El Shams

Cupcakes to follow


Dabbling in left

His name was “Donny Parker”**

What could it have been?


I feel poetic

I’m on a Haiku high… oh!

On second thought, no


He just knew one note

But who knows, who knows, who knows

A poodle, promised***


Old man eavesdropping

Mustachioed and plumpish

Drinking Almaza


“Let’s go Dima

It’s time to get a cupcake

Have you paid the bill?”


*Haikus are a Japanese form of poetry made up of 17 syllables, divided into three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

** The name was changed to keep anonymity and mystery

*** Was originally “A dog was promised” but was changed under a poetic license. The comma was added for clarification. Indeed, the poodle made no promise.


Poems written by Dima Matta and Marjorie Gourlay – “You are my horizontal”

06/02/11 – At Barometre Restaurant


All the cool people drink it!

You drink wine. You choose the bottle, you get the fancy glass and you perfect the pouring technique and you drink wine. Sometimes, you’d honestly rather drink Pepsi with your pasta, but that is not what the cool people do! After all, life-altering things happen over a glass of wine or two. Writers have a glass on the desk while writing their latest poem or novel, artists have it by their side as they paint,  which leads you to the certain conclusion that creativity and your intake of wine are correlated. So you swallow your childish wishes of having a good glass of Pepsi and you opt for the more elegant choice, weeping about the good old days of soda and chips and threatening the wine bottle to break its head off if you don’t end up with a good poem at the end.