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Zombies at School and other Poetic Devices

“Miiiiiss, I hate writing poems!!!”
That’s the general response of most of the boys in my 7th grade classes whenever I tell them to write a poem. Every time we cover a new concept (figures of speech, free verse poetry, haikus…), I let my students write a poem to demonstrate their understanding of it.

Today, I was reviewing plot elements and the famous “plot triangle” with my students. After drawing the triangle, and after a few random comments on how two students were dared to eat grass and dirt during the school trip they had earlier in the day, I asked my students to draw a big triangle with the following beginning: “It was another normal day at school…”.

This is the plot of one of my students:

Exposition: It was another normal day at school
Rising Action 1: Suddenly, zombies came out of the ground
Rising Action 2: The teachers ran away, scared
Rising Action 3: The zombies ate all the doughnuts in the cafeteria
Climax: The zombies ate all the footballs
Falling Action 1: Kassem came with his machine gun
Falling Action 2: He killed all the zombies
Falling Action 3: The teachers came back
Resolution: We all wrote a poem about zombies in English class


My reply: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!