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World War 2 in 4 words

My friend, Sergej Schellen, just came back from spending a month in Istanbul. One of the memorable and not to mention funny anecdotes he was telling me about is an encounter he had with a Turkish security man/”toucher” (Sergej insists on this word cause he patted him down) at the airport. My German friend was wearing a Polska (Poland) T-shirt, which after this incident, he decided to stop wearing while traveling. The security man looks at him with suspicious eyes: “Polska?!” To which Sergej replies: “Oh, no, I’m German”. Security man: “Where you from?” *Awkward silence* Sergej: “Umm, I’m German… from Germany”

The Security man’s final, yet very concise retort (with proper miming gestures) was: “Aaaah, Hitler… bang bang… Poland”